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Apple Silicon M2 Rumors Revealed

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What should we expect from Apple's M2 SoC? DigiTimes says it will use TSMC’s 4nm technology, which is more than the 5nm design. While it is not clear when this will be revealed, we are most likely to see this chip on future Apple devices. Keep reading to learn more. Here are some of the most rumored new Apple processor features.

Apple's new M2 processor

Although Apple's M2 chip details remain mysterious, it will be powering a new crop Macs this year. These new machines could include the MacBook Air 2022 and Pro 2022 as well as the iPad Pro 2022. Apple will also upgrade its manufacturing process to use a new 5 nanometer process. The new chip will offer a slight performance improvement, but the price tag is unchanged.

Rumours surround it as a successor to M1

Mark Gurman is a MacWorld reporter who claims Apple is currently working on a new silicon chips that will replace the M1 found in the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13-inch models. It is expected that this chip will have more cores, graphics processing units, as well as a faster processor. It could arrive in 2022. Apple's M1 processor is still running on a 5nm node, but the company is expected to move to a smaller 4nm node to support the M2, which will be comparable in size.

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It will have eight cores

Rumored Apple silicon M2 would have eight cores. It will be faster than the M1’s seven cores. The company is working hard on a second chip which will be even faster than the M1. Gurman thinks the CPU will be slightly faster that the M1's seven cores. However, the number of graphics cores will increase to eight or nine. Rumours suggest Apple will announce the M3 chip by 2023, and release a new Mac by then.

It will feature a 10-core GPU

Although the M2 chips' core count is not confirmed, it is widely believed the M1 Pro chip has 8 cores while M1 Max has 10. Reports in the past suggested that the M2 chip would contain fewer cores than M1 Pro Max but more than M1. M2 may have 32 cores. M1 Ultra is limited to 20.

It will be used in MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is a budget-friendly laptop that starts at $999 for 8GB RAM, 256GB storage and 1TB of storage. However, other configurations are possible. Because the M2 processor works the same way as the current model, it is possible to add more RAM. For example, users might be able to increase storage to 2TB and RAM to 16GB. However, this is not likely to be the case. In the future, there may be higher RAM options.

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Apple Silicon M2 Rumors Revealed