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Which James Bond Cars Have the Most In Common?

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It's not unusual to wonder which James Bond cars are the most similar. Many people love these iconic automobiles and want one. Here are some examples of the most iconic vehicles in the franchise. The Peugeot 504 is reminiscent Bond's classic DB5 and has the same design of the Rolls-Royce DB5.

Citroen 504

France produced the first two 504 series. After the series was ended, 504s made in Argentina were exported to France. The cars were updated with more modern features like a redesigned dashboard, and a modern bumper. The cars were popular in the 1970s and 1980s. The 504 remains a popular second-generation car, especially among singles.

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Rolls-Royce DB5

The DB5 features a lot more than the Bond classic car. The DB5 is an iconic spy car, with features such as forward-mounted rockets, a lift-off front number plate, and a list of spy gadgets. The hood also has a secret compartment that houses several weapons.

Aston Martin DB5

The Aston Martin DB5 Bond Car is the ultimate spy vehicle, featuring all the same features as a James Bond vehicle. This replica car comes with futuristic features and gadgets, including a GPS dashboard and bullet proof screen in the back. While the car's electronic ejector seat isn't real, it's still fun.

Peugeot 504

The Peugeot 504 was an automobile with rear-wheel drive that was mid-sized. It was made by Peugeot, a French automaker, from 1968 to 1983. There were two versions of the car: a four-door sedan and wagon, as well twin two-door coupes and cabriolets. The vehicle also had pickup truck options. Its styling was influenced by Pininfarina, with the sedan/berline being the work of Aldo Brovarone. Franco Martinengo, Pininfarina's twin designer of the 504 was responsible for creating the twins. Peugeot had its own sketching group, and the final model was made by the French manufacturer in 1987.

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Rolls-Royce DB4

The DB4 is an example of a luxury, high-end sports car. James Bond and his henchmen frequently drive the DB4 in films. This particular car is not used in combat, as Bond does not use it in novels. The most famous Bond car in film history was the DB5 prototype, which was fitted with stunt gear and used for non-combat scenes. Rolls-Royce's last models were the DB5s. They are long remembered as one of the greatest cars in the world.

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Which James Bond Cars Have the Most In Common?