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Car Phone Holders - Scosche Makes Some Great Ones

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There are many options for car phone holders. We'll be reviewing the Scosche MagicMount as well the Aukey magnetic phone holder, TechMatte CD mounted base, and Scosche universal vent mount. We'll also discuss which ones work best to hold your phone in the most convenient way. Remember: If you own a smartphone, you may be able to purchase a mount specifically designed for it.

Scosche MagicMount

Scosche makes some fantastic phone holders to mount your smartphone in your car. MagicMount Pro magnetic car mount works with all smartphones. The mount attaches to your phone using automotive-grade adhesive. Scosche also makes a magnetic version for Android and iPhones of its MagicMount. In addition to car phone holders, Scosche makes other accessories for your mobile device as well.

Scosche MagicMount makes it easy to hold your phone. It features a magnetic mount that attaches to any vehicle surface and allows you to rotate the display of your phone. It can be placed on the dashboard with minimal damage. Scosche MagicMount ships with clear instructions for installation and protective films. This product is compact and can be installed almost anywhere. It also features a gorilla strength bond, which makes it highly flexible.

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Aukey's magnetic car holder

Aukey Car Magnetic Phone Holder could be the right product for you if you're looking for a flexible mounting option to mount your phone on your dashboard. Magnetic force is used to secure your phone and keep it away from the road. You can still access your music, GPS, or other controls with ease. You can also set it up according to your own preferences with the included user manual. You won't have to worry about losing your phone ever again with this handy device.

The magnetic car phone mount is not very discrete, and it sticks out in your car. It is not very appealing, but it does feature a matte black rubber coating. It also features a rotating lower section so that you can rotate it to your preferred viewing angle. The magnetic head is strong enough to hold the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and Pixel 3 XL. While car phone mounts using stronger magnets were possible in the past (although this particular design does NOT require a holder), it's worth noting.

TechMatte CD-mounted base

TechMatte's magnetic mount can be used to securely hold your smartphone. Its telescopic arm is adjustable and rotates 360°. It supports phones with screens ranging from 3.5 to 7 inches. It has a quick-release button at the back that allows you to adjust the position of your phone. The mount itself is easy to install. Simply slide the phone into the CD slot and tighten a side knob to hold it in place.

The CD-mounted, base car phone holder includes suction cups which stick to many surfaces, even dashboard vents. It can be placed wherever you like without damaging your car's interior. One drawback is that there aren't any articulation points. This can make it difficult to see the view. There are several advantages to TechMatte's car phone holder, including ease of setup, solid magnetic grip, and low price.

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Scosche's universal vent mount

Mounting your mobile phone to your vehicle's exhaust is one of the best ways to use it while driving. Scosche universal vent mount car phone holders use flexible plastic backing with a 360-degree rotating ball-joint that can adjust to any angle. Suitable for both Android and iPhone devices, this device is compatible with both landscape and portrait orientation. Scosche offers a lifetime limited warranty as well as lifetime tech support.

Side mounts are designed to fit over ventslats and provide a secure grip. But, as a result of its design, it doesn't hold your phone very tightly. Additionally, it is necessary to regularly check your phone, especially when braking. This can become very irritating. A suction mount can help to avoid this. It can attach directly on the windshield or to an air conditioning vent.

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Car Phone Holders - Scosche Makes Some Great Ones